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Professional Hockey Player & Software Engineer

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I am a professional hockey player currently with the Colorado Eagles of the AHL, affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche. I am also a senior at Cornell University finishing off my degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. I have focussed my studies in robotics, machine learning and data visualization.


Software Engineering

Ava Labs - Associate Developer

January 2021 - August 2021

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  • Contributed to the design and development of an ERC-20 asset bridge connecting the Avalanche and Ethereum blockchains.
  • Expanded the Avalanche JS library with new health check commands for Avalanche node APIs.
  • Produced an API that interacted with for processing credit card and balance payments for an NFT marketplace.

Jamex - Software Engineer Intern

Summer 2018, 2019, & 2020

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  • Designed and developed a wireframe for a new touch screen POS terminal user interface using C++ and Qt (QML).
  • Implemented an API in C++ for initializing transactions, canceling transactions, retrieving student balances and more.
  • Presented weekly progress reports for each of my projects to the head of engineering and the managing director of Jamex.

Ice Hockey

Colorado Eagles - AHL

March 2022 - Present

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  • 0 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 TP
  • Affiliate team of the NHL's Colorado Avalanche
  • Under contract for the remainder of the 2021-2021 season.

Cornell Big Red - NCAA D1

August 2017 - March 2022

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  • 125 GP | 17 G | 31 A | 48 TP
  • ECAC Student-Athlete of the Year Finalist - 2022
  • Second Team All Ivy League - 2022
  • ECAC Player of the Month - February 2022
  • ECAC Student-Athlete of the Year - 2021
  • Cornell Hockey Association Award - 2020
  • Wendell and Francelia Earle Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement - 2019
  • Joe DeLibero-Stan Tsapis Award - 2019

Team Canada West U19 - International

December 2015 & 2016

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  • 8 GP | 1 G | 1 A | 2 TP
  • Selected to represent Canada in competition against 6 other countries in a tournament
  • Gold Medalist in 2015

Powell River Kings - BCHL

August 2015 - March 2017

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  • 119 GP | 54 G | 53 A | 107 TP
  • Most Inspirational Award - 2017
  • Playoff MVP Award - 2017
  • Rookie of the Year - 2016
  • Most Inspirational Award - 2016
  • Playoff MVP Award - 2016


Robotic Air Hockey Player

Embedded Operating Systems

Raspberry Pi | Python | OpenCV

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Utilized OpenCV to track the location of the puck, robot and opponent, and used two stepper motors in a H-bot system to move the robot to attack/defend.

Maze Traversing Robot

Intelligent Physical Systems

Arduino Uno | C | Verilog

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Built a robot that used a depth-first algorithm to traverse a maze, avoid other robots in the maze, and send the layout of the maze to an FPGA to display on a monitor.

Hockey Skating Analysis

Data-Driven Web Applications

HTML/CSS | JavaScript | D3 | JSON

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Created an interactive visualization of the knee joint angle during skating for three hockey players. Used to view range of motion of the players, imbalances, and speed of their strides.

Simon Says Game

Embedded Systems

C | C++ | NXP FRDM-K64F

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Developed a handheld game that utilized concurrency, locks, and interrupts for playing a version of simon says.


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